The conclusions of the conference will be obtained collaboratively, based on a dynamic of rotating roundtables and participation.

We propose 8 roundtables divided in two blocks, the same ones on which the program has focused: 4 tables for intra-institutional transversalities and 4 for the transversality towards the social sphere.

Each roundtable will have an assigned topic to discuss in relation to the block to which it belongs and will have one person as a table facilitator and another as a rapporteur.

Participants can join a total of 2 tables, one per thematic block. At the time of formalizing the enrolment to the conference two roundtables in which to participate should be selected in order of preference. Since the roundtables will have limited capacity, the allocation will be done following the order of enrolment.

The topics to be selected are the following:

Block A – Intra-institutional Transversality

Education Curating. Facilitator: Pablo Coca. Area of Didactics of Plastic Expression. Universidad de Valladolid
Rapporteur: Nerea Hernández (Tabakalera)

  • Search for new narratives in museums.
  • Experiences of collaboration between the educational departments and projects / curatorial departments.
  • Effects of the educational curating on the experience of the public of the museum.
  • Experiences of co-curating. Educational curatorial projects developed together with social groups, curators, artists and public.

Cartography of museum educators. Facilitator and rapporteur: TAULA. Association of educators of Mallorca
Rapporteur: Caterina Ramon (Museu de Mallorca)

  • Professionalization of museum educators (training, experience, etc.).
  • Diversity of profiles to bring about changes within the institution.
  • Employment situation: permanent staff, outsourcing of education services, specific collaborations.
  • Rise of educator associations.

Research in Museum Education. Facilitator: Pablo Martínez. Head of Programs. Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona MACBA
Rapporteur: Belén Sola (MUSAC)

  • Implementation of new methodologies and processes.
  • Effective evaluations.
  • Sustainability of projects and collaborations.
  • Editorial projects.

Communication + Education. Facilitator: Mireia Mayolas. Head of Education and Activities. Museu Marítim de Barcelona
Rapporteur: Sebastià Mascaró (cultural mediator)

  • New ways of content sharing (participation of the public in the dissemination process).
  • Interdisciplinarity in the communication of culture and heritage.
  • Educational innovation and technology.

Block B – Transversality towards the social sphere

Accessibility / Inclusive museums. Facilitator: Encarna Lago. Manager. Rede Museística Provincial de Lugo
Rapporteur: Maria del Mar Gaita (Consell de Mallorca)

  • Universal design within the framework of the museum.
  • Strategies of physical, sensorial and cognitive accessibility.
  • Experiences with vulnerable groups or groups at risk of social exclusion.
  • The museum outside the museum (nursing homes, hospitals, prisons, etc.).

Participation. Fcailitator: Vito Gil-Delgado. One of the Heads of Education Programmes. CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo
Rapporteur: Carles García (Museu del Ter)

  • Activation of the public in the construction and participation of discourses.
  • Connections and networks: collaboration with the immediate social and associative fabric.
  • Territories: spaces of proximity to the neighborhood, but also act on decentralization, the rural world, the most remote areas.
  • Collaborative projects: long-term synergies with the educational community, mediators and social collectives.
  • Management of the capital generated (processes and results) in the collaborative processes.

Cross-cutting themes. Facilitator: Leire San Martin. Head of Mediation. Tabakalera, International Centre of Contemporary Culture
Rapporteur: Irene Llácer (IVAM)

  • The museum connected with current problems and realities.
  • The role of the museum in the face of social change on issues such as: globalisation, polarization of society, interculturality, gender issues and sustainability.

Education vs Entertainment. Facilitator: Javier Rodrigo. Coordinator. Transductores: a mediation, culture and research platform
Rapporteur: Julia R. Gallego (MUSAC)

  • The museum beyond the economy of tourism and the creative industries (touristification, theme parks, entertainment).
  • The dangers of content simplification.
  • Competition between the “analog” world and the digital / virtual world.
  • From spaces of recollection and contemplation to oversaturated amusement parks